Not enough hours

First posted 24 October 2009

Since starting back at my job at the university, I have begun in earnest to apply myself to various projects which have been nagging at the back of my mind. The reason for my renewed self motivated drive is because I have been guilty in the past of letting too much time pass before I get things done. The trouble is, I always have about five or more projects on the go at any one time, the current list (and this doesn’t include commissioned jobs I have to do) is;

  1. Getting the last four years of negatives filed in the order they were shot.
  2. Printing up two 10×8 copies of every shot I have ever taken which I consider worth archiving. (Going back thirty years!!!) and scanning them.
  3. Make more videos of my fellow photographers / printers here in the UK (four in the can so far).
  4. Finish shooting all the objects I have collected in my studio for still life.
  5. Make a big Blurb book of all my best family portraits (my family that is), for my wife’s birthday.
  6. Make a 20×16 lightbox for exposing Gum prints and Cyanotypes.
  7. Get out more and do landscapes and night shots.
  8. Promote myself better and contribute to online forums etc
  9. Get out on my bike more regularly.
  10. Write this blog more often
  11. Get an early night now and again.

As you can see, self motivation is not the only problem. Somebody keeps stealing all the hours out of the day before I’ve used them properly! It’s a good job I don’t have a television, as I’d never get anything done.

One other job which tends to lag behind is keeping up with the images for this blog. Personally I don’t like the look of scanned, inverted negatives done in photoshop, I prefer to print the image in the darkroom and scan from the print. This way I can get the tonality exactly where I want it. I am aware that photoshop has millions of ways of altering every parameter of the image, but the look of the middle tones never seems right to me.

Consequently, I need to be in the darkroom more to keep on top of the printing for this as well as the personal stuff I love doing. here is a scan of a recent print, appropriately called; ‘Never got round to it’.

Never got round to it

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