Printing services

In my capacity as an Ilford Master printer, I print work by other practicing photographers and also the archives of historical photographers. I have experience of working with a wide range of negatives and I offer a range of print possibilities from single proof prints on RC paper, to full portfolios on exhibition quality FB paper.

1166 foggy woods

I can supply an accurate representation of all of the tonal information on your negative, or give a more artistic interpretation, using a number of techniques and styles. You may choose to have your image totally monochrome, or toned, -perhaps even hand coloured. Techniques can also be combined to give a look which is unique to your particular vision. If you would like to explore the possibilities of a negative, I can print it in a number of ways, giving you a set of prints which you can compare and make decisions over. The trio of images below were for a customer who chose this service. Please see my price list at the end of this page.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 07.21.10

If you are interested in discussing your work, your vision and the type of printing you require, then please Send me an email or telephone me on my mobile: 0797 943 0676

Grebe holmfirth from cliff duotone
Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 23.35.57 Banana hand
gardening bathroom-chair
feet and hand mannequin
Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 10.07.38 2790 clothes pole in mist

Print prices. May 2015

RC paper prices;
7×5 ins    £20.00
10×8 ins    £30.00
12×10 ins    £40.00
16×12 ins    £50.00
20×16 ins    £80.00
24×20 ins    £120.00

FB paper prices;
7×5 ins    £40.00
10×8 ins    £50.00
12×10 ins    £60.00
16×12 ins    £70.00
20×16 ins    £90.00
24×20 ins    £150.00

Toning FB prints. Prices are double for duotone, ie; sepia and selenium.
7×5 ins    £5.00
10×8 ins    £7.00
12×10 ins    £10.00
16×12 ins    £12.00
20×16 ins    £20.00
24×20 ins    £30.00

Three printing styles.                                                                                                                                                               I can print three different styles from one negative to show what I think the negative can do. This is an interesting exercise and customers are often surprised at what is possible. It can be quite time consuming for me, and this is reflected in the price; £200 for three FB 10×8 prints.

Making a paper negative from a film original.
Original film negative can be any size. Making a paper copy negative from a film original is a two stage process and is quite time consuming. They are charged at £50 each.

Please try to send me clean negatives, spotting can take up many hours and I charge £15 per hour for the service. If you would prefer to do your own spotting, please state this when you order.

I shall take very good care of your negatives as I would expect anyone else to take care with mine. I understand how important they are, but I am unable to foresee every eventuality. If your negatives are damaged or lost whilst in my care I cannot be held financially responsible for all of your future earnings. I shall offer more than the usual ‘replacement of the value of the film’ as compensation and will gladly enter into correspondence to settle the matter amicably.

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