These are genuine testimonials from some of the students I have taught over the years;

Thank you so much much for the mind-blowing workshop. Recently I started my journey with Film photography and I had a very clear idea in mind of why I wanted to do it. I felt saturated with Digital Photography and spending time in front of a computer editing bothered me, and the fact that those images were hardly ever printed. Within a few weeks doing film I have more prints than I have ever had with years of shooting digital.

My idea is clear, I want the thought that goes into film and the process, the wait, the thought of every image and a personal project I have always wanted… to paint photographs.
When I searched, Andrew was one of the few left that knew the same technique that I used myself in my early days. I needed a refreshment workshop and Andrew provided not only that, but opened my mind of what it is to Physically shoot with Medium Format and Large Format. To be able to share two days with him has opened up a Universe of possibilities. All I can say is that I am speechless.

Andrew showed, created, explained, shared, laughed, reasoned, and talked his vision, and that is priceless.

I left the workshop with so much more than I ever expected, and a vision for the next years of my creativity to fly and I hope to go back again, as his knowledge is so many light years ahead. I was very intimidated at first, but his humility and sense of humour made my rudimentary skills seem not so bad and his encouragement and joy is second to none. I cant wait to go back.

My thoughts for any film lover are that Andrew does, has, and shares everything and no matter what level you are at, he will help. He will help open many doors for you that you didn’t know even existed.

Montse September 2020 x

Just a quick note to say thank you for the workshop on medium format photography and darkroom skills. It was out doubt the most informative and rewarding workshop I have ever attended, the skills you shared have transformed my photography immediately. I learnt more in those two days than I have managed to incorrectly teach myself in years.

It was also an exceptional experience to have one to one instruction from an artisan who genuinely enjoyed passing his skills and experience onto someone else.

Thanks very much.

Tony Hayes

Over the past few months, I have had the pleasure of spending time with Andrew Sanderson, an incredibly skilled master printer.  He taught weekly workshops, ranging from basic skills to advanced techniques in developing prints. I am a third year student at University of Chester, before these workshops I had little experience in the darkroom. I am progressing into my final year exhibition and with little confidence I needed help to print my black and white photography.  These workshops were taught in a fun relaxed atmosphere; he has a lot of patience when it comes to teaching, in a group or individual support.  He has established a great use of skills throughout his career in the darkroom; he is very passionate about photography, which is a truly inspirational experience that I have been privileged to be a part of. His workshops are delivered in an exciting atmosphere; he is a motivational photographer and printer and has influenced me in developing my own prints.  With his support in the darkroom I have managed to accomplish good quality prints for my exhibition.  
Stacey Radley
University of Chester,
Photography with Fine Art.

Andrew is very much a hands-on teacher and manages to teach every student individually at their own level. He has the ability to explain complicated subjects in simple terms which really allows the student to understand more than would otherwise be the case.

Sue Stockwell.

Not only is Andrew a very gifted photographer, but I also find him to be an exemplary teacher of his subject. His enthusiasm for photography pours out into those who wish to share that enthusiasm and, for those willing to take the time to listen, his knowledge appears inexhaustible.

Andrew, your teaching methods, focusing on discussion, practical application and analysis of results is welcomed by me and everyone I know attending your course. I would suggest, in fact confirm, that the only real asset the college offers us are your teaching skills, which I and everyone else has had. We have had real benefit and look forward to having that benefit in the future.

David Ingham.

What Andrew has in abundance is knowledge, experience and ability. Being part of his Wednesday evening class, I can say it is a pleasure to spend time with someone who really knows his subject and has an obvious passion for photography. As an example of someone to learn from there is no-one better. You very quickly learn to respect what he says and what he shows you. If I can’t learn from Andrew then I shouldn’t be on the course.

Graham Mason.

Good god – I LOVED it. I think the surroundings made it more exciting.

I have gone from being an obsessive snapper with no real clue about

what makes a picture to someone who thinks about composition and

light. Andrew has taught me to visualise the end result and

concentrate on what’s possible. A thoroughly enjoyable and useful


Hazel Davis.

First of all I’d like to thank you for the two days I spent with you recently. It was without doubt the best workshop I have attended, due not only to the content of the learning, which was second-to-none, but also to your style, which I found to be very affirming, and suited both the subject and me. It was clear that you occupy a unique place in British photography, and I feel privileged to have had the chance to work with you. The attention to detail and very practical instruction benefited, I am sure, from having been born of experience.

I met Andrew some years ago whilst attending a one to one darkroom session at his premises in Holmfirth. It was the best few hours tuition I ever had. Andrew not only has a great depth of knowledge in this fascinating subject but also an infectious enthusiasm and a wonderful eye for composition and light. His own photographic work is wonderful.

I thought it was worth while to put pen to paper over our 3 days together last month in the workshop;
1. I think the attention to the small details has made a big difference in my developing film and printing- the split grade session was excellent
2. The night photography session was really good – it certainly has given me more confidence- reading the meter properly – my digital meter is now in the scrap bin, The last camera I thought I would use was the Mamiya RB, really good to get using it again- again it was all the small stuff that adds up – result much better photos
3. Alternative Photography- hand colouring – I am doing it- the big negatives for contact printing, have made the odd Cyanotype so far from them

So, an excellent 3 days – we covered a lot – good fun – will be back to do paper negatives and using the large format camera next year. John Hopkins

I still refer back to Andrews’ various web-presences for inspiration and have also had long-distance photographic advice when I asked for some. I often have recommended Mr Sanderson to others for photographic tuition and will continue to do so.

Andrea Ingram – Isle of Lewis, Scotland.

As a self taught darkroom printer, your workshop taught me so much in one day, more than i expected while your calm attitude and patience to answer my thousand questions was greatly appreciated. 

Hearing your detailed explanations while watching you print my negatives was a real eye opener on the so many variables available in the darkroom especially the toning part. 

 Your workshop had the same effect as your books. After leaving your studio i had to go shoot a few rolls!

Thank you once again for all your help, I will definitely contact you again in the near future to come over for another workshop!

Alan Falzon, Malta.

“I was recommended Andrew through a colleague as one of the only tutors still teaching hand colouring in the country. The one day workshop managed to cover all aspects of the process; Andrew was very forthcoming with tips and materials to look out for on eBay to continue working at home. Andrew kicked things off with a demonstration and continued to work alongside on his own prints, which was very useful being able to observe his technique in between stages. I was initially apprehensive having not picked up a paintbrush since school, though by the afternoon I was well into my stride! This was the first time I’ve had a workshop in someone’s home and was made to feel very welcome; lunch in the garden, furry companions and chatting about music all afternoon – the perfect environment!” Natasha Edgington, UK.


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