Andrew Sanderson is one of the leading analogue tutors in the UK.

‘I regularly give lectures, demonstrations and workshops all over the UK, often working for Ilford. I have taught all ages and abilities; Primary school, High school, College, University and Adult education. I have taught total beginners and university lecturers’.

You may be a total beginner, or an experienced photographer who wishes to explore a previously unknown technique. Perhaps your photography just needs a little help to elevate it to the next level. Whatever your needs a workshop can offer a wide range of styles and techniques to help you achieve the results that you are after.

Paper decoration

Workshops In my own darkroom are usually one-to-one, as this gives a fuller experience for the student, though small groups of up to three can be accommodated (larger groups for outdoor workshops are possible). Depending on your location, I could also travel to you and give you a workshop with the equipment you are most familiar with. These visiting workshops would include the cost of travel and possibly accommodation, depending on location.
Subjects and techniques.
Workshops can be any of the following and usually take up one day, though some techniques are very time consuming and may need two or three days to cover enough of the subject. If there is a subject that you are interested in and it is not on this list then please contact me.
Basic camera operation, metering and processing/printing.
Exposure and how it relates to processing/printing.
Split grade printing.
Advanced printing techniques.
Experimental techniques
Night photography.
Hand colouring.
Paper negative.
Large format.
Still life.
Pinhole photography.
Gum Printing.

Workshops run from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm and cost £270.00 per day. A non refundable deposit of £70 is required on booking.

Please contact me via;

Facebook (,

Instagram (,

email (,   or the form below if you need any more information.
If possible, please bring examples of your work so far, and for those attending printing workshops, some of your own negatives. You will also need to bring your own box of photographic paper, preferably Ilford Warmtone.


Seeing Photographically.                                                                                                                   These workshops are purely about understanding how to see picture possibilities and to clarify your vision. They are open to any kind of photographer, using any kind of camera; iPhone, Compact camera. DSLR, Film camera, Pinhole or Large format.

Workshops run from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm and cost £270.00 per day. A non refundable deposit of £70 is required on booking.

Facebook (,

Instagram (,

email (,   or the form below if you need any more information.

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Cancellation Policy: Withdrawal from the workshop two weeks before the session start date will receive a refund (if the workshop has already been paid for). Deposits are not refundable. No refunds will be given for cancellations made less than two weeks before a workshop start date. Andrew Sanderson is not responsible for airline ticket cancellation costs or fees.

Location and Scheduling: Daily sessions begin at 9.30 a.m. and end at 5.30 p.m. Unless otherwise arranged, the workshops are held at 39b Station Road, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. HD9 1AB. Tel; 0797 943 0676

Please put your own details into the form below, or email me at; andrewsandersonphoto (at)

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