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Holme moss. This was taken using an old Russian 500mm lens, with a 2x converter, a 3x converter and a home made converter. The farmhouse was almost too far away to see with the naked eye.

Spire in fog, 1985. This was taken early one morning when I was driving to my job at a darkroom, printing old glass negatives for the council. I had seen the spire looking interesting on a few mornings, but on this day it was too good to miss.

Two Cows. This is from a paper negative which has been altered by the addition of pencil on the back of the negative. This technique produces a look which is very illustrative, falling as it does between drawing and photography.

Foggy woods. This picture is sometimes referred to as ‘Fairy woods’ as it always has a magical feel about it. We used to take the children when they were small and they would look for fairies.

Tea set. This was photographed at the house of a friends parents. They had a house full of antiques and I photographed this tea service exactly as I saw it by the window.

Sheep family. A picture which was originally taken on 35mm. A paper copy negative was made, to which pencil work was added on the back. This allowed me to accentuate certain tones and subdue others.

Platform 13. This was the view up the lines from Manchester Victoria station’s Platform 13 in 1987. I used a home made teleconverter, and a 55mm Pentax Takumar on a Spotmatic SPII camera.

Glasgow botanical gardens. A simple shot, showing the graphic shapes of the cast iron structure.


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