Paper negative

First posted 26 July 2009

I have been using resin coated paper in an old kodak Specialist 7×5 camera this weekend. I wrote recently that using it had distracted me from actually looking for pictures, but I keep being drawn back to it.

I have had a student of mine staying over for two days, Jamie Hawksworth is his name and he is from the university where I teach in the north west of the UK. We used the 7×5 to take pictures of each other and the view from the garden while we waited for my teenage daughter to get up and get ready (How is it that teenage kids can take three hours to get dressed?). Jamie wanted to do some portraits of her and eventually did, but we did the paper negatives in the meantime. The resulting images, processed later that day, were an improvement on my depressing shots a few weeks ago.

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 21.44.41

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