About the blog

This is ‘The Web Darkroom’. It is a blog which I created to pass on my knowledge of analogue techniques, illustrate my working methods and to suppliment my many magazine articles, allowing me to present longer versions of the topic being presented, and to give me the freedom to publish whatever I liked, without the editorial control of an outside body. When I began, it was more like I diary, but as I became more familiar with it, I started to explore other ideas about my inspirations, techniques and ways of thinking.

The original webdarkroom blog had to be completely moved over to this site as I was having all sorts of problems with it (too boring to explain here). I have copied over almost all of the posts, only removing ones which I no longer felt were relevant to the new version. I have replaced most of the images with the same images, but occasionally I have used a different shot.

All of the images on this site have been shot on film or light sensitive materials, printed in a darkroom by me and then the prints have been scanned for use here. By working this way I can get more out of the negatives and present them in the way I originally intended. I don’t like scanning from negatives as it gives a look that I don’t care for. Obviously the illustrative colour images are digital, but the main pictures are all analogue.

With the copied over posts I have included the original comments at the bottom of each post.

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